Adonis Blackwell has a life and death confrontation with his Nigerian heroin supplier Baba, not the kind of guy you want to invite to your dinner table. After being displeased with his prices and inconsistency, Adonis deceptively finds a way to justify Baba’s demise. Panama Jones, a trusted Blackwell lieutenant returns a bad kilo of heroin after being rejected by several addicts. Claiming a huge monetary loss from the drug deal gone bad, Adonis meets privately with Rahman Abdul, a ruthless Muslim hitman who specializes in torture and interrogations. Adonis tells Rahman that Baba sold him several kilos of bad heroin. The quick-witted gunman is skeptical about the story but ends up taking the hit to murder the Nigerian drug-lord.

In an attempt to conquer a significant portion of the heroin market in America; Adonis sends his cousin Silk Blackwell to Baltimore, Maryland and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to set up distribution hubs for his fentanyl operation. The deadly mixture of heroin-laced fentanyl begins to fuel the nation’s deadliest addiction crisis that ultimately claims thousands of lives in suburban and rural communities triggering a federal investigation. The President of the United States declares an opioid crisis when Richard Brinkman, an Oscar-winning actor is found dead with the “needle still in his arm.”