An agency struggle ensues between the FBI and DEA.  Attorney General Michael Truesdale threatens to halt the opioid investigation after discovering DEA Director Robert Neal covered up a secret program that investigated and interrogated narco-traffickers unconstitutionally. Special Agent Andrew Schaefer works his way up the food chain and starts investigating the Machiavellian opioid-trafficker Adonis Blackwell for his nefarious activities. The investigation takes the direction of electronic surveillance, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to infiltrate the Blackwell empire.  

Agents say Blackwell’s drug ring is responsible for distributing more than a thousand pounds of fentanyl throughout the U.S. and amassed millions in cash, luxury vehicles, real estate and expensive jewelry. The investigation also leads to areas federal agents had hoped to avoid, several political and salacious scandals. Special Agent Schaefer loses his integrity and goes morally bankrupt while trying to solve the problematic opioid epidemic. “The DC Madam” sex- scandal makes international headlines and creates a shit-storm in Washington D.C. as Adonis struggles with his mental issues during his inner journey over the course of the story. He gradually transforms into a different sort of person while rising in the heroin and fentanyl trade. His ambitious plans are suddenly interrupted when his underlings get indicted and charged with conspiracy.